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  • .it Domain Names are available for registration

    Europe Registry is pleased to offer domain registration services for .it domain names to the general public. Register your .it today with Europe's trusted domain name registrar.

  • Requirements
    To register a .IT domain the applicant needs to have a connection to a European Union country, or one of the following countries - Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, the Vatican, the Republic of San Marino or Switzerland. A VAT number or personal taxpayer code will be required depending on if the customer is a company or individual.
    An agency service is available to applicant's that don't have a connection to a European Union country. Agency domains are registered on behalf of the applicant.
  • Local Presence

    Local presence service is available for foreign registrants to meet the registration requirements of this domain name.

.it - Italian Domain Registration

The total and per capita yield in Italy is almost the same as Great Britain or France. For many years now, it has prospered to the extent that it is capable of importing maximum raw materials as well as 75 percent of the energy requisites of the country. The government is committed to encourage more employment, support labour flexibility and restructure costly pension systems to better handle the economy. Italy is developing very fast and is self-sufficient to cope with the global race of economic and financial developments today. Instra Corporation is currently accredited by the .IT registry and is committed to providing domain name registration and management services.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process for .it domains, don't hestitate to contact us.

.itdomain information

Annual: $29.72
Update: $0.00
Trade: $29.50
Transfer: $29.72
Restore: $4.50
Minimum registration: 1 year
Maximum registration: 1 year
Renewal term: instant
Registration time: 2 days

Italyat a glance

Capital: Rome
Population: 61482297
Area: 116,347 Square Miles 301,340 Square Kilometers
Language: Italian (official), German, French
Calling code: +39
Registration date: 1987-12-23
Sponsoring organisation
Name servers
dns.nic.it 2a00:d40:1:1:0:0:0:5
m.dns.it 2001:1ac0:0:200:0:a5d1:6004:2
nameserver.cnr.it 2a00:1620:c0:220:194:119:192:34
r.dns.it 2001:760:ffff:ffff:0:0:0:ca
a.dns.it 2001:678:12:0:194:0:16:215
s.dns.it 2001:67c:1010:7:0:0:0:53


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